• July 26, 2016

A hidden gem in Sant Antoni, Ibiza

A hidden gem in Sant Antoni, Ibiza

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There are so many touristic restaurants in Sant Antoni that it almost gives you a headache to choose the right one. Funnily enough a lot of them are not even serving authentic Spanish cuisine and most are overpriced too. If you want to eat really good food you will need to choose a trendy, advertised place and spend quite a lot of money!

We were lucky enough to receive an amazing recommendation from a friend of mine who lives in Ibiza for a long time, it’s a restaurant called, Java. It’s a little gem hidden on a side-street and it’s not so easy to find if nobody shows you the way.

Java is a family run restaurant and we must say you can feel their true passion for the hospitality business from the very first minute you arrive. We’ve had really bad experiences in the past eating out in Ibiza so we are very careful now and always ask around for good recommendations.

Your meal starts with complementary bread and aioli. For us this entrée is a must in Spain and it also usually reflects how good the restaurant is overall. It is like with burgers…you can judge an eatery from how good the burgers are! For drinks we’ve ordered Sangria which was highly recommended by the lady who served us. She said that it is her speciality and made from Cava, Cointreau, brandy, lemonade and fruits. And believe us, it was just the perfect drink for this hot weather! For the starters we’ve ordered avocado with prawn and cocktail sauce and a small portion of moules mariniere. For the main course we’ve had a Gordon bleu served with steamed vegetables. All the dishes were delicious and clearly prepared with love!

Java is great value for money too and the portions are very considerable. After finishing the meal we’ve had a lovely little chat with the host who was also the owner of the restaurant. She even recommended us a beautiful beach in the north of San Antonio that we should visit…and we found out that it was the right recommendation when we went there the next day (you can read more about this trip to the beach in one of our next posts)! In the end we can truly say that we left Java feeling happy and very satisfied.

Tell us about your dining experience at Java, Ibiza in the comments below!


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