• August 12, 2016

Amazing One Day trip to Weggis and beyond

Amazing One Day trip to Weggis and beyond

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Who doesn’t like a little escape from everyday life? If you’re in Switzerland by any chance we have something for you worth to experience. It is an idyllic, peaceful place and less than 45 minutes away by car from Zurich. It’s called Weggis and it’s situated on the Vierwaldstaettersee, meaning “Lake of Four Forested Cantons” in Swiss – German and it’s very picturesque indeed. The lake is divided between 4 cantons: Lucerne, Unterwalden, Schwyz and Uri.

The best way to explore it is to take a ship and admire the wonderful landscape. We chose to take the ship to Beckenried which was a pleasant 30 minutes ride on this very authentic Swiss lake ship (see picture below). Once arrived in Beckenried, we had a stroll around along the lake for an hour before taking the ship back to Weggis.

Another alternative is to get to Vitznau where you can take a half – hour journey to the top of Rigi with Europe’s oldest rack railway. On the top you can see breathtaking, panoramic views across the Alps and 13 lakes. So make sure you are dressed up accordingly as the weather up there might change very quick from sunshine to storms. But believe me, it is worth to go! And don’t forget to take your camera of course.

We also highly recommend dining in the beautiful “Riva” restaurant in Weggis. You can have a seat on their scenic terrace on a sunny day. Their food is outstanding and they have an impressive menu with freshly caught fish from the lake, risottos, gnocchi, pappardelle, salads and meat dishes. The restaurant is a family-run business and the service there is top notch! We’ve ordered a fragrant monkfish tail with lobster sauce, aromatic saffron risotto served with peas. A dish to remember! And a flavourful seafood risotto perfumed with coriander.

We recommend this trip for families, lovers and artists.

Pure bliss and very inspirational!

Tell us about your experiences on the Vierwaldstättersee in the comments below!


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