• Januar 11, 2017

Karczma Jorgula – The Traditional Polish Eatery

Karczma Jorgula – The Traditional Polish Eatery

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During our last trip to Poland, a friend of ours has recommended that we visit the Karczma Jorgula restaurant just outside Rzeszow, Poland and try their delicious, traditional Polish dishes. We were very excited when had the chance to stop by at the end of December 2016 and find out what’s it all about that makes it so special.

The name of ‘Karczma’ is coming from the early Middle Ages and stands for ‘tavern’ or ‘inn’. Originally ‘Karczmas’ were owned by the ruler of each region. He was in charge of granting the taverns the privilege to conduct various important events for the local community. With the time passing by, ‘Karczmas’ started selling local liquor, wine, honey and vodka next to traditional Polish dishes.

We were lucky enough to visit the Karczma Jorgula at Christmas time. The restaurant was beautifully decorated with festive ornaments outside as well as inside and it instantly promised to be an exhilarating and wonderful dining atmosphere. It transformed the whole place into a magic, fairy tail like experience and we were thrilled to sit down and try out their menu.

We weren’t disappointed to say the least! The kitchen offered a broad range of traditional Polish dishes as well as some local specialities. The drinks menu was very extensive and we also had a great choice of mulled wines, hot beers and honey drinks. It is an advantage to stay away from driving afterwards when choosing any of these drink specialities, they’re fairly strong! We chose a selection of traditional Polish winter dishes including various types of pancakes filled with mushrooms, meat and red peppers.

Overall the food was amazing and the portions were enormous. Unfortunately we couldn’t try any of the deserts at the end as our bellies were stuffed but even more so this gives us a good reason to come back and try out more of their food and drinks menu!


Karczma Jorgula, Nowa Dęba

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