• August 13, 2016

KUMHARAS and its picturesque sunsets

KUMHARAS and its picturesque sunsets

KUMHARAS and its picturesque sunsets 1024 576 VAVA Concept

There are so many possibilities of spending your time in Ibiza. If you have enough of over-crowded, loud clubs then we’ve got something for you: it’s called Kumharas and it’s an amazing open air venue to meet up with your friends and spend a nice evening together with some quality music and scenic views of the pictorial sunset. Usually they play chill out or reagge music but we were lucky enough to see the world-renowned DJ Sasha. His set was incredible and the music he played was just perfect for the sunset vibes.

The entry is free and the table service is very fast and convenient. The whole place is quiet hippy and there are also a few market stalls with beach/hippy clothes, accessories and some gadgets. Kumharas is the perfect place for the beginning of a big night out with friends or just for a relaxing evening with great tunes and joyous vibes.

We would recommend to get there around 7/8p.m to still get a table and have the best views for the sunset. In high season it could be a bit of a problem so maybe 6:30p.m would be more appropriate. And if you are hungry they have a restaurant as well with a selected menu and a great drinks list.

What are your experiences at Kumharas Ibiza? Tell us in the comments below.


Kumharas, Ibiza

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