• November 9, 2016

Weingut Lorenz – highest wine-growing terroire in Europe!

Weingut Lorenz – highest wine-growing terroire in Europe!

Weingut Lorenz – highest wine-growing terroire in Europe! 1024 576 VAVA Concept

We had the pleasure to spend a few days in Austria at the Weingut Lorenz a couple of months ago. This particular winery is located in Kitzeck in the heart of Styria. It’s Europe’s highest wine-growing village at 564m and it is surrounded by a very charming landscape that reminds you a bit of Tuscany.

The winery also consists of a Guesthouse and a restaurant that offers traditional dishes from the area. Included in the price of each room is a wonderful breakfast that serves delicious Austrian style food. There is so much to choose from so we do recommend to get up in the morning…it’s worth a try!

The restaurant is open all day long so we decided to try some of their dishes. We had a seasonal salad and a very traditional pork dish. Everything was made from local ingredients, it was delicious and very fresh indeed. In addition to the food we ordered some wine too. We chose a glas of the Cabernet Sauvignon and one of the Sausal Classic Zweigelt. We really liked the Zweigelt, it was a bit spicy with flavours of sour cherry, raspberry, cinnamon, violets and pepper and it had very soft tannins. The Zweigelt grape is the most widely planted red grape in Austria.

The wines are produced in a very traditional process at the Weingut Lorenz. Thus they are always fresh, fruity and acidic. In addition to that they are aged in the newly built cellar in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. From the restaurant terrace you can see over 120 vines of 60 different national and international wines planted.

During our stay in Kitzeck we also have come across a very unique and traditional product from this region; the pumpkin seed oil. It is made by pressing roasted, hull-less pumpkin seeds from the “Styrian oil pumpkin”. The chlorophyll and carotin contained in the husk of the pumpkin kernel give the pumpkin seed oil its characteristic dark green colour. We really liked this healthy product and bought a couple bottles to add to our salads and sauces at home.

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Weingut Lorenz, Kitzeck

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