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By using our offers, you agree to this data protection declaration and also consent to the functions explained therein, namely the use of cookies and the use of analysis tools and aids for target group-oriented or individualized advertising. If you do not agree to these functions, you can of course use the opt-out methods explained below.

You can refuse or control the use of cookies in the current versions of all common web browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari). In addition, the providers of the aforementioned analysis and marketing functions provide their own tools (such as special browser add-ons or opt-out cookies) for setting their cookies and similar means.

We use the data we collect to maintain relationships with our customers and those interested in our services, e.g. to further develop our website and adapt it to new needs; and to offer them relevant information and services.

Own cookies
We use cookies to save the language selected by the user for the next visit.

Analysis Tool
We work with modern, advanced analysis methods and tools to understand user behavior on our website. This information helps us to continuously develop our offers and to be able to offer targeted, relevant services and information. In principle, we only use data that is anonymized and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the user.

In the following, we will introduce you to the analysis services and technologies that we use for such purposes. We will also show you how you can prevent these services from evaluating your usage behavior on our website.

These services use cookies, tags and tracking pixels for the respective purposes. Cookies are small pieces of code that are loaded onto the user’s device and that enable, for example, identification, user settings in a website, the administration of a session or a log-in. In addition, they also allow the recording and evaluation of visits and interactions by the user in various web services and the transmission of this data to the web server. Tags are short code components that are integrated into websites and mobile applications in order to report to a server whether a user has performed a certain action (for example, clicking a button). Pixel tags (or web beacons) are tiny image files that are embedded in websites or emails and allow conclusions to be drawn about when they were accessed.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an analysis tool that statistically prepares data on the use of our website by users. It sends information about page views and steps taken by users (e.g. the duration, sequence and URL of visits and page views, the page from which the user came, as well as information about the device, operating system, browser and settings used and the approximate location) to Google server. It uses cookies and similar means, e.g. so-called tracking pixels, to recognize users and to be able to assign them different steps and visits across different devices and sessions; this using anonymous features, such as random identification numbers. No personal data is transmitted to Google; IP addresses, which are used for spatial allocation, are “masked” beforehand (shortened by certain digits). Google explains further details in its data protection documentation.

You can deactivate Google Analytics for your browser using an add-on.

grounded, loyal and practical : EARTH
passionate and dynamic : FIRE
intuitive, emotional and secure : WATER
action, ideas, and motion : AIR


EARTH: grounded, loyal and practical
FIRE: passionate and dynamic
WATER: intuitive, emotional and secure
AIR: action, ideas, and motion

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